VLADIMIR VITKOVSKY - Taking his Art To the Trenches

By Eileen

Vladimir Vitkovsky has always been a man of the people. From his humble Russian beginnings, he has never wavered from, nor lost touch with his roots, his family and his country. All of which have inspired and impacted his work for the past quarter of a century.

Born in 1950 Leningrad, Vitkovsky has a visual style and artistic sensibility all his own. His personal, yet assessable paintings, drawings and sketches deeply rooted in tradition and technique, display a view of the world that is at once universal and completely all his own-A world of enchantment, but one that is meant to be shared!

That is why, finally, Vitkovsky has made a conscious choice to make his work more accessible, by bringing his work directly to the masses, while ironically maintaining an almost elitist status among chosen galleries throughout the U.S.

Vitkovsky studied at the highly respected St. Petersburg Pedagogical School of Art and Graphics, the Mukhina School of Art & Design and attended painting classes at the Repin Academy of Painting, Sculpture & Graphics. In 1989 he emigrated from the Soviet Union, and his art began to receive serious international recognition.

Working in an array of mediums, Vitkovsky's art is both multidimensional and multifaceted. His graphic works are delicate, dream like, mysterious, enigmatic and deeply imaginative. All of his work embodies Mr. Vitkovsky's interpretation of reality, which is representative of the fairy tale world. Inversely, his oils are bold and penetrating. The figures seem gentle and serene, but upon further examination, one experiences a depth, an intensity, and a humanity, that is exceedingly rare in modern art.